Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wow! Derby crap!

Last night was the season opener for the Derby Dolls.

My team went into the game with a great amount of anticipation and nervousness. Our best jammer, Militia Etheridge, quit the league. Our two other main jammers, Jihad and Crystal Deth were also not skating due to injury or leave of absence. The team was nervous about the amount of new players we had, and we had a championship title to defend.

We didn't need to worry.

Fight Crew won: 44 to 27 over the Tough Cookies.

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Everyone really did well, I thought. No major injuries, too.

In other fun news, the latest issue of a new roller derby mag, Blood and Thunder has an article about people who do bout posters and such for different leagues and I got a full page! See on it to actually read the damn thing. For some reason the Big Trouble in Little Chinatown poster looks horrible...the gradient on it is all screwed up.

We had famous people at the bout! Patricia and Alexis Arquette were spotted, as was John C. Reilly. I didn't see the Arquette sisters, but I saw John Reilly. It was funny, because a bunch of skaters saw him and NO ONE could remember his name. It went something like, "Hey! That actor guy is here! You know, the one from Boogie Nights!" "Which guy? The one with the gun?" "Nooooooo, the other guy!" "Uh, his friend?" "Um, yeah, I think so!"

Tooooo funny!

I wanted to get a photo with Reilly, but I was too chickensh!t to ask. Lame-o!

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Chrissy said...

i read that article! your posters are awesome - congrats on a well deserved spread and a winning bout.

xo madame furie
nacogdoches rollergirls, tx