Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oh Lourdy...

I have to be the LEAST photogenic person on the face of the planet:

That's a real nice "I Can Do It" pose there, dontcha think?

Markie D Sod and me:

Me so cranky!

I can't help it that I look like a doofus. I just wish that cameras would make that whole doofus thing look better.

The most recent installment of Redneck Theater is up. Go laugh. Or cry. Whatever!


Ken Mitchroney said...

All i can say is.., YIKES! Now that's an outfit. I miss everything. And thanks again for the" Beavis" update.
It's web cam time!

RedDiabla said...

Yeah, the outfit was FUN to wear. I think the Dear Husband wouldn't mind seeing me in it again.

Beavis has been quiet this week. Kinda boring. I'm *almost* getting work done.