Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Trying to Breathe...

I probably won't be able to update as the week goes on, so enjoy!

As I've been slaving away on Freelance Hell, I've been watching and rewatching a buttload of film noir. The box sets that I got at my last job are keeping me from going on a neighborhood killing spree at 3 in the morning.

Here's a couple of doodles from the last job, speaking of noir:

Apparently in my subconscious, film noir blondes like to drink. Maybe that's not just an opinion, but a simple fact, I dunno. Hell, I'm not a blonde but I'll drink, too.

The fun part about watching all the noir stuff is listening to the bonus audio commentary while the film is playing.

I found out that the average "historian" is dead boring.

Directors are generally more interesting, but having Peter Bogdanovich explain the same damn Otto Preminger story about how superior filming on location is compared to a soundstage because one has to work in the confines of the location space and get creative about solutions to filming, lighting problems etc. ad-freakin'-nauseum isn't compelling after the tenth time he's said it.

James Ellroy is amazing to listen to. He's kinda creepy and morbid, but there's no doubt that he loveslovesLOVES film noir Los Angeles and knows his locations inside and out. His enthusiasm for the old city is commendable, really.

So another week of this, then the Battle on the Bank tournament, and then REST. Blessed rest.

Until July 4 weekend, where we'll be having a riot and a beach skate stemming from our house.

That can't happen soon enough!!


Ken Mitchroney said...

More nice girlie drawings lady. Ad yes, I'm about two and a half weeks out on my job too.

RedDiabla said...

Four weeks to do a decent storyboard isn't feasable.