Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sweaty Betty

There was a training emergency this week, where the trainer for the Fresh Meat skaters couldn't lead practice.

So I took a break from my Freelance Hell and lead said practice.

The league's latest awesome photographer, Rinkrat, was there testing some lighting techniques for this weekend. Here are some of the results...

Me and PITA demonstrating how to give a whip. It's hard to tell in this photo, but PITA's taking off after receiving a whip from me:

Me addressing the troops. It's common for skaters to associate me with the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. It's the voice...I don't call people "Private Pyle", and no one has blown their brains out due to my abuse.


A beautiful wide shot of our track. I'm skating on it, about to demonstrate something mindblowingly stupid, I'm sure.

The Battle on the Bank tournament is closing in this weekend. It turns out that I won't be skating much in it, based on last night's practice with the game lineups. Boo. I would've been better off staying with the Golden Girls(the "B" team...or the Bea team, as the case may be...uh, Bea). Ah well, I guess I should just be happy to be playing at all, but I'm pissy because I've been working my @$$ off on all fronts to be ready. Phooey.

So what I was going to put towards being disciplined and training hard is going towards me just concentrating on finishing my freelance before the weekend and then celebrating appropriately. Which doesn't involve much discipline. In fact, pizza and beer are visible on the horizon. Hell yeah!

Back to work...

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