Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, Lookit That!

For those of you who read the LA Times, you've probably already seen THIS ARTICLE in today's "California" section. Nice mouf, don't you think?

The funny thing is, yesterday a bunch of us skaters went to an "audition" looking for stunt doubles and background skaters for the upcoming "Whip It" movie. What a total waste of time it was.

Basically, the production people already had their "short list" of skaters that they wanted. No fatties or old broads need apply. All the cute, tiny girls(with the exceptions of Juana Beat'n and Krissy Krash, who are both large and formidible in good ways)were chosen. Not that I begrudge most of them for getting in, but they're all of a similiar body type.

I can kinda understand on them wanting younger skaters, since the book the film is based on features high schoolers and just-post-high schoolers. But for stunts and stuff where one doesn't really see faces, even an old bitty such as myself or Broadzilla can still pack a helluva punch.

It's the lack of body variety that gets to me, especially since the amazingly wide array of women in derby is what makes derby so damn interesting. There's little stick-figure girls like Mila Minute and Kung Pow Tina, then there's big monsters like PITA and Trixie Biscuit. There's short and sweet like Suzy Snakeyes, there's the hot librarian in the form of Judy Gloom, the sultry Fighty, the philosophical Axles of Evil, and of course YOUR favorite, the loud-mouthed Tara Armov.

That doesn't even begin to cover the different types of women that are involved in DIY derby.

The Dear Husband made an interesting observation: derby as it is right now wouldn't have happened if 30-something women weren't involved. By the time people hit their 30's, they're not supposed to have dreams anymore; they're supposed to be practical, responsible adults.

But then there's the women who resurrected derby. A lot of them were in their 20's, but just enough of them were in their 30's and brought their experience and wherewithal to actually stop talking and start making things happen in a way that young'uns are less likely to do(make note: I'm generalizing).

A woman in her 30's is generally at a point where she doesn't give a damn what others think as much as she probably used to. She doesn't mind that she doesn't fit into a nice, tidy little stereotype that's been supplied to her; she's just going to BE who she's gonna BE and THAT'S IT. And that's what makes DIY derby so damn interesting: it's FULL of women like that, whether they're in their 30's, 20's, or even their 40's or 50's.

We knew that the homogenizing of the sport would happen; it's already beginning to change. It's going from punk rock underground to a more athletic real sport. But "Whip It" will accelerate the homogenization. By the time the full effects of that hit me, I'll be retired. But it makes me VERY glad and extra appreciative that I found this amazing outlet when I did. While it's still fun and open to anyone who's willing to strap on a pair of skates and hope for the best.

Timing is everything!


bronnie said...

Bruce and I caught ya first thing this morning..
THEE best shot of the piece, IMO--!!
(Would love to have read more about YOU in the article tho'..)

zwolfpack said...

Long time fan here. I caught this screenshot of one of my faves as the headline on
Tara Armov -- YEAH!

RedDiabla said...

HOLY CRAP, that's amazing!

Thanks for the screengrab, Dave!

Suzy Snakeyes said...

Who you callin' sweet?

RedDiabla said...

You. Gotta problem with that?