Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Lifestyle Will Kill Me

And I ain't talking about the roller derby...

I've rediscovered my propensity for staying up ridiculously late and drawing. Unfortunately, it's not for fun, but for work.

My routine the past couple of weeks has been to wake up around 8am, stumble to the kitchen, feed the cats, slurp down a Red Bull, do some push-ups and abdominals, run an errand or two, get to work, goof off while "working" all afternoon, do some evening exercise such as jogging or roller derby, get back into the art room around 10pm, and then really get to work until around 3 or 4am.

Rinse, repeat.

What a stoopid schedule.

And of course this will last through the end of the month, when the Battle on the Bank tournament will take place.

Why the HELL does everything have to happen all at once?!

To add to the fun, the Dear Husband has been cutting back on the nicotine gum. So he's cranky.

This house ain't big enough for the both of us to be cranky.

It's an ugly situation.

Alright, enough of my kvetching.


I found out that due to a lineup change, I'll be playing again with the LA Ri-ettes (the best of the best of the LA Derby Dolls) in Battle on the Bank. That means that I'll be skating BOTH days of the tournament. Woohoo!

Moar doodles:

Obviously done while watching/listening to moar old movies. This first one was done while I was watching Detour. This hottie looks a lot like the female lead in the flick:

I forget what I was watching while drawing this one:

I had these and a couple other similar doodles taped to my desk at work. People would come into my office, stare at the doodles and say, "Wow, I didn't know you could do that!"

Uhm, thanks?

No wonder I have an insecurity complex.


Mudsock said...

God, I love "Detour"!! Film noir verging on parody. That guy can't buy a break. It's the movie that makes me glad I have cordless phones.

Mike said...

I totally live the same way!
Funny. Oh yeah and for sure they do not pay enough for the amount of work put into those boards.

This one sentence took me all day:

"The cats acrobatically cross the ceiling to the other side of the cabin."


Little Kenny said...

Two things.

One. Woohoo! for getting to see you skate both days. Yay me! Yay you!

Two. Shit was two. Ummm, hold on I'll think of it. Wait for it. Fuck. Umm... crap I can't think of what two was, but there really was two things I was thinking of when I clicked on "Post a comment". I'll get back to you.

RedDiabla said...

Mudsock: have you seen "Decoy"? That's some messed up noir right there. Fun stuff!

Mike: oh, the same guy must've written the script I'm working on, too. I want to make him board one of his own scripts.

LK: Have a beer and you'll remember, I'm sure! See ya next weekend!