Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Short...

  • I'm getting sick.

  • The neighbor's hypershithead dog woke me up this morning 2 HOURS before the alarm went off. Couldn't get back to sleep. Cranky as hell as a result. If that fucking dog didn't bark all goddam day, I'd be able to take a nap and catch up this afternoon.

  • Skated all weekend in the Big One tournament. I now have a painful-yet-impressive hip bruise. LA took third place. San Diego took first. That's gonna make a lot of flat track leagues sit up and take notice. Read my assholio blogcasting on Derby News Network.

  • Just started the Xmas episode of Freelance Hell. First the Halloween episode, now the Xmas episode. What's next? An Extra-Special Purim episode? And both of these holiday episodes have me drawing party sequences. If they ever met me, they'd slap their foreheads in disgust at the disparity.

  • Derby drama on the horizon. It could make the future derby terrain even more...interesting. Luckily I'm not the cause of it, so I'm just sitting back and giving advice when needed.

  • Did I mention that I needed a nap?


Busta Armov said...

Just draw an afterparty from your mind, but have Otis being the one dancing on the table and shaking his ass. For added hilarity, have Duke grab his udders. Then have the table collapse. And it's all stuff you've actually seen at a *real* party.

You know, for the sophisticated kids.

Cagey said...

As ref rep, I wanna know the drama...plus I sent you an evite.