Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Such a Card!

I finally got around to scanning in the final card I made for Fight Crew to send to Coach Pauly:

Not too crapacious, I guess!

Used a brush pen for the outline...it's a lot of fun! I need to play with brush pens in general more often...for some of the action-type stuff it'd work really well.

I gotta get off my ass and get ready for Comic Con in July. I need to make merch to sell. Small stuff, like magnets and the like. Cheap to make, easy to sell. Just like me! Ha ha, I'm such a card!

Here's a promo for the Ri-Ettes game this weekend:

Even though I'm listed as being on the roster, I'm not skating this particular game. Kinda bummed, but it's gonna be OK, as I'll be going to Austin for their Battle on the Bank tournament in June. As an alternate. Guh!

Alright, back to getting stuff done...

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