Monday, June 07, 2010


This is my 600th post for my blog.

600 posts.

Holy crap.

I sure have had a lot of nothing to say in the past four or so years!

Last night I went to a Dr. Sketchy's drawing session in Eagle Rock. There are times I have fun at these events, and times when I feel like an anti-social non-talented jerkface. It started out with me feeling like an anti-social non-talented jerkface, but I ended up having a great time. Mainly because I ended up sitting next to famous cartoonist Carol Lay. She's funny as hell and told great stories. She even told a Robert Crumb story!

There were two drawing stages in the backyard of Miss Mindy's house where Dr. Sketchy's was being hosted, and so while Carol was telling funny stories, she of course made me laugh.



Apparently the other artists at the other stage were intrigued. Intrigued enough for the guy who runs the LA Dr. Sketchy's to make an announcement at one of the breaks that there was a contest with a prize. Oh boy, I like prizes! I thought to myself. He then says, "We usually award the prize based on whichever art piece is being done here grabs us the most." Welp, that leaves me out, I think to myself.

"But by unanimous decision, we're giving the prize away based on the loudest laughter we've heard tonight."


Yeah, I got a prize for being...ME!

WHO KNEW?!?!?!

My prize was a book by Brandi Milne called, "So Good for Little Bunnies". She even signed the book for me! How cool is that?!

Side note: I've worked with Miss Mindy before at Warner Bros. about five years ago. Since I was freelance, it wasn't like we hung out every day or anything. But we've talked a few times and she's even commented here before. Anyway, when it was announced that the Loud Person Gets the Book, Miss Mindy says, "Introduce yourself!" so I did. She says, "Sandra Frame?! OH CRAP!" Isn't that what anyone wants to hear when they're identified?

But she actually said that because she didn't recognize me earlier when I first came in. But it's still a hilarious reaction.

Another day, another doodle. I don't know what I was thinking about when I drew this critter, but it's kinda cute. In a way.

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