Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Far, No Good

New job.

It's always a little stressful to start a new job on a new show that holds the hope of becoming a new hit series. It's exceptionally stressful to start said new job the week of a major skating tournament where one is captain of one of the teams participating.

Trying to do team lineups, sit out skaters, bring in skaters, do it with a minimum of butthurt feelings(had about a 60% success rate on that), learn a new drawing style, rethink how I do staging, cutting, acting(without a damn voice track, but the director was asking for acting points anyway), get to practice, get up early to do cross-training, check email constantly throughout the day to make sure I'm getting any and all pertinent information, go to production meetings, meet the intimidatingly-talented artists on the show, relearn the production software, realize that not having a "Save As" option on a program that's used primarily by artists has got to be the worst oversight EVAR, try to get the vibe in the new studio where everyone is there but quiet, feeling lost and not really knowing who I can talk to about getting my bearings...

In short, I'm mind-fucking myself pretty good, and I have to unfuck myself IMMEDIATELY.

I know I can do it, it's a matter of whether I can do it in the nick of time.

Or else I'll be ejected, like I did in one of the games at Battle on the Bank in San Diego this past weekend:


Donna A. said...

There's no "save as"???? Are you freakin' kidding me? Did chimpanzees design that software? I'd die without save as. Seriously.

As for all you're doing, I know you can get in the swing and do it all.

RedDiabla said...

Yeah, constantly overwriting the same file ain't ever a good idea, methinks. It's ridiculous.

I won't go out without swinging, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

The software part, and the work part, I'm sure you'll have no problems handling.

The quiet part, though... I think those folks need to meet Tara.


RedDiabla said...

Being quiet will ultimately prove to be unpossible.