Sunday, June 13, 2010

Derby Makes Life Interesting

This has been another interesting derby weekend.

Last night the Arizona Derby Dames came out to play the Derby Dolls' B team, the Aftershockers. To be honest, everyone knew the Aftershockers would win, it was just a matter by how much. It was close to a 100 point spread.

But the real story was the Derby Dames and their adventures in LA. They came out Friday night, and we had a meet and greet scrimmage at the track. That went well, and afterwards a bunch of the skaters went to a local drinking establishment for more socializing. Apparently a real honest-to-goodness crackhead came into the establishment and started treating one of the husbands with the AZDD entourage as if they were old friends. Uh, welcome to LA, kids!

Yesterday before the game, the AZDD girls were out and about the town, and came across their first sighting of a thrift store/HIV testing combo. Yep, they found Out Of The Closet. While there, they were subjected to a herd of nekkid bicyclists. Apparently that wasn't a pretty sight.

They skated their hearts out at the game, with me coachin--I mean, SCREAMING MY DAMNED HEAD OFF on the sidelines. I was loud. VERY loud. My voice was clearly heard on the live webcast. I'm now paying the price today with a very sore throat and almost no voice. Everyone is thrilled with that, btw.

We go to the afterparty and I drew all over them. It was fun, of course.

Then they go back to the house of a musician in a famous band. The musician is out of town. The girls are having fun swimming and whatever, when a Hollyweird Dooshbague shows up. Now, there's someone rooming in the upstairs portion of the house, so they didn't know if said dooshbague is with the roommate or what. It's figured out that he was merely crashing the party, and so he got "escorted" out. Harshly.

I really hope there's someone on this trip who will write up their full adventures in a blog or something, because they really had a helluva Only in LA adventure.

Ahhhhh, I love LA!

As you can see from the photos, I did my hair last night. It's part of my experimentation with pincurls. I can't seem to comb them out correctly...they end up being frizzy as all getout, which is annoying and creates a Hairdo Emergency. As you can see, that happened yesterday. So up the hair went into victory rolls. Add two barettes with flowers on them and voila, instant passable hairdo.

And I still wish I took a good photo...

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