Sunday, December 11, 2005


I've spent the past few days being annoyed. Yes, not exactly a newsflash, is it.

First annoyance: whatever happened to RSVP'ing for events such as parties and whatnot? Why do people refuse to do this anymore? Do they not have a freakin' clue how much of a pain in the tuchus it is to plan something where the planner has no idea how many people are going to show up?! Even a, "I'll try to be there but don't hold your breath" is better than nothing.

Second annoyance: loud bars. What's the point of going to a place to meet people when it's too damn dark and loud to meet people? Some would say that I'm getting old if that's how I think. Guess what? Even when I was young I didn't like having to scream into someone's ear just to make small talk. Last night one of the derby girls had a birthday "party" at the Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz. Nice bar...if you don't want to hold a conversation. We didn't go to that, but instead went to a house-warming/holiday party nearby. That was fun! Not so loud, free hooch, good munchies, and some amazing taxidermy. My gawd, we even talked to people! Without having to scream at them! A-mazing! Oh, and the hostess was pleasantly surprised to see me, since I RSVP'd with, "I'll try to make it but don't hold your breath".

Third annoyance: Camp Ronald McDonald. Yesterday I donated my time and drawing hand to the annual Camp Ronald McDonald holiday party that Warner Bros throws every year. They have a bunch of animation artists come in to draw cartoons for the kids every year. Sometimes it's fun, but sometimes it's a nightmare. The nightmare years are when it's not organized so that the kids each get one ticket for one drawing from us. When they get just one ticket, then every kid gets their one drawing when they hand over the ticket to the artist and everything's good. When it's a free-for-all like it was this year, a small amount of kids take up the artists' time by going down the line from artist to artist getting drawings galore. Little opportunistic takes the good mood of doing something nice and wanting to kick them square in the pants; I don't care what their disability is.

Fourth annoyance: just because I wear the occasional Aeroflot shirt doesn't make me Russian in real life. I got the weirdest comments at the Animation Guild when I wore said shirt on Friday night. Don't ask me how to say "Bon Jour" in Russian, 'cos I sure as hell don't know.

Fifth annoyance: I haven't yet figured out a way to make my work do itself so that I can get back to the goofing off that I was born to do. Frickin' day job!

Makes me wanna go hide in a corner until spring.


Uccellina said...

You forgot the part where hanging out with us made it all worthwhile.

Elliot said...

Fine monkey work you've got going here yourself.

RedDiabla said...

Hanging out with friends always makes stuff worthwhile!