Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A fat cat for a fat post:

The one thing I hate about throwing parties is the leftover food afterwards. I've been busily eating the very fattening leftovers in our house for the past two weeks and I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I've ripped my skatin' pants and now my thighs rub together. Some of this is a result of my being broke so we gotta eat what's around the house. But truly, I think most of it is just procrastinating on work. Actually, I'm fairly on-schedule so far this week, but sometimes I just want to run screaming from the art table.

Today I'm trying to be somewhat behaved. I bought spinach for salad useage. I hate cooked spinach, but the raw stuff is pretty damned tasty. Add some carne asada that we scored over the weekend and I'll be a happy camper...albeit a going-through-carbohydrate-withdrawal one.

Whatever you do, don't give me cookies. They're of the devil.

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