Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not Quite There Yet...

I've been fighting this fuxxing cold thing valiantly, but it's still hanging in there. That didn't stop me from leaving the house last night, however.

We went to the Valley to visit some family friends who put on a helluva good party spread at their place. We ate ourselves stoopid for about an hour and then headed on down to Hollyweird.

Every year Suzy Snakeyes gets a group of friends and some family together for a trip to the Rainbow on the Sunset Strip. The purpose is to go up to the small dance area they have and get a gander at the people there who haven't figured out that the '80's are OVER. It's around $15 to get in when all said and done, but thank gawd they hand out drink tickets along the way, so that the lack of K-Y doesn't sting so bad. Some of this year's winning crop of humanity include:

People like, Pretty Boy in White Leather Who Had Some Plastic Surgery Done to His Face So That He Has A Cute Girl Nose.

And, Vinyl-Clad Girl With Hair So Tall She Almost Gets Knocked Over Going Through Doorways.

Or, Drunk Frat Boys with Drunk Dates Who Hump Each Other on the dance floor.

The ever-charming, Black Dude Dressed Like A Pimp Who Came In with a Hot Blonde Chick.

Amusing, Bald White Dude Who Picks Up on the Hot Blonde Chick and Pretends He's the Bass Player from Tool Out on the Dance Floor.

Or, Motorcycle Dudes Who Park on the Sidewalk and Wear Sunglasses even though its Pitch Black.

The fun, I'm Not Sure if That's a Guy or a Girl, but They Sure Do Look Like Nikki Sixx!

Then of course there's, Is That a Girl or a Guy in That Cowboy Hat?

Don't forget, Ohmigawd is that a Chubby Mother/Daughter Duo Or Are They Sisters?

My personal favorite was, I Look Like I'm a Motley Crue Roadie and I'm Going to Try to Pick Up on You now that They Announced Last Call.

Oh, and we saw Dave Navarro out front. Seriously. Husband didn't recognize him, but I did. Of course nothing witty came to mind, or else I would've said something to him. Shyeah, right!

But the best of the Best was Albert Einstein. Old Dude who looked like Albert Freakin' Einstein except that this guy's hair wasn't as white. Hi-larious!

I hadn't been to the Rainbow since the Derby Dolls got kicked out of the place at closing with the Datsuns in tow. I didn't get kicked out this time, but it sure was fun nontheless. I hope to go again next year.

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Cool monkey.
Entertaining story.