Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fun in Hollywooooood

Yesterday I had to haul my carcass out of bed way early to get down to the KTLA studio for a feature that they did on the league. I met up with Tawdry Tempest who is now on my team and we put our skates on and skated around the hallways and studio parking lot as warmup. Most people were amused.

We got to hang out in the green room with celebrity-types. Dr. Drew was there and rather blase about our presence. Lisa Loeb is tiny as hell but nice. Hal Sparks seemed to dig us. A doctor lady was impressed. Dr. Drew was with some guy who acted like we were supposed to know who he was, but we didn't.

I found a good test to see who's famous...or thinks they're famous. Introduce yourself to them; if they introduce themselves back, they figure you don't know who they are. Or they're not victims of having an over-inflated ego. Dr. Drew didn't introduce himself. Neither did Hal Sparks or Lisa Loeb, but both of them were OK with acknowledging our presence. I had no idea who Hal Sparks was until I talked with some of the other derby girls at practice last night...they pretty much wet their pants on the spot. Wow. He's very...pretty.

The hosts of the KTLA Morning Show, Carlos Amezcua, Michaela Pereira, Mark Kriski(see photo above) and Sam Rubin were at least a known entity to me. Tawdry's smart and doesn't watch as much tv as I do. Carlos didn't seem to care about our existence. Sam was insulted when he mentioned that he used to skate on rollerblades and I called them "fruit boots". Michaela and Mark lovedlovedLOVED us. We met all of them on the set for our show segment, and we were skating around the host desk as dizzying speeds. Well, not that dizzying; it was a small space and the floor was slippery. Still, we didn't get to talk to them face-to-face most of the time we were there because we were skating.

Unfortunately the clip online from the show doesn't show the segment that Tawdry and I were in. Ah well. It was funny...they'd cut between the location shot at the track and the studion in Hollywood. Tawdry and I couldn't hear the audio from the location shot, so we were only able to hear what the hosts in the studio were saying in response to what was being said at the track. We'd try to sneak a peek at the monitors to see what the location people were shooting, but that was tricky due to a lack of space for us. I almost smacked into one of the huge cameras a couple of times. But my name did get an honorable mention as one of location hosts Gayle Anderson's fave skate names.

Afterwards we loitered in the green room. Another thing I notice about famous or somewhat-famous people. They don't loiter. They have places to go, by gawd. As soon as their segment on the show was done, they quickly shook hands with the producers and skedaddled on out of the studio. Not us. We languidly removed our gear and ate bagels until the Morning Show was over. Then, as the hosts left the set and went to the makeup room, I followed and gave them Derby Doll stickers. Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to bring the damn camera that I had in my bag. D'OH! Ah well, again.

I think we have some new fans!

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