Friday, August 18, 2006

Prepping for the Ride

I tried to find a couple of good pix of Wildman.

Not a whole lotta luck, but here's a little somethin'-somethin' just for chuckles.

This photo was taken three years ago in Jackson, CA during a biker event called, "S.N.I.F.F.". Wildman is doing his infamous burnout in front of the National Hotel, where they expect such things. Everyone, including him, are probably drunk off their ass and cheering him on in this endeavor. Surprisingly, the neighbors didn't mind much.

The past couple of days have brought out a lot of stories about Wildman and his burnouts, raconteuring, and riding. They're being gathered up to be told at his funeral tomorrow morning. I'm glad to be missing the funeral. The wake is where I'd rather's more his style, too.

This photo is of me and Wildman having a Very Deep Discussion. It probably had something to do with motorcycles, I'm guessing. I look mesmerized.

Again, not a good pic of him.

I remember him differently.

Better than this.

The top pic is more like him with the black leathers, etc.

Today I have to prep the bike to ride up to San Jose in the morning. The husband wanted to leave tonight, but I don't think that's the greatest idea.

I'm officially concussed on top of all this. I should be fine to ride, but I'd better not try to stand up or lie down while on the bike, or else my equilibrium will get all screwed up and I'll crash and die. That wouldn't be good, especially for the poor fools behind me.

The more I think about how I had my spill at around the same time that Wildman passed on, the more I see it as a Disturbance in the Force. Geeky, I know. Hard to explain in anything resembling an eloquent manner, which makes me wary of posting this to begin with. Ah, f*** it. Like I care.

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Stephen Greenberg said...

"Ah, f*** it. Like I care."

A perfect tribute to The Wildman. Those few words say it all.