Thursday, August 10, 2006


This-here is the skateboard deck that I'm working on for a Missoula skate park art auction thingy. They're raising money to continue to build a kick-ass skatepark:

This has been fun to do...I think all I have left is to sign it and clearcoat it.

Clearcoating has been my nemesis lately. I've been screwing up the toilet seats due to clearcoating issues. I'm doing it when the day is at its hottest, which may be a problem. So I'm switching to mid- to late- afternoon to see if my results are better.


MILLET said...

that's so trippy!

ever think about painting/designing yer own bike??

RedDiabla said...

"Trippy" is good, right?

MILLET said...

haha...of course! it's 'good' trippy!