Monday, August 28, 2006

Gearing Up

Last Saturday this photo to the left was taken. I'm wearing a stoopid headset because I was Game Executioner for the bout that was filmed by HDNet and so I was mic'd up for the full teevee effect.

All I could hear were the HDNet announcer guy and the San Diego Derby Dolls founder, Bonnie D Stroir thru the headset. Which didn't really add a thing to my job. In fact, because of the wiring from the headset, I was tethered more often than not. The only fun part was when the announcer asked Bonnie which skate name she liked best, so I got her attention and waved a lot. So she said that my skate name was her fave. Yay!

It was a good--nay, GREAT bout...the complete underdogs the Tough Cookies put the smackdown on the formerly undefeated Sirens. Lots o' violence, not much in the way of injuries. The crowd loved it, as did the HDNet guys.

Next month features the Tough Cookies going up against my team. Gosh, I guess that means I have to start training for realz and stuff. Good thing my concussion is for the most part gone.

I'm also working on a shirt design and some paintings. The shirt design is going some cleanup to do, but it's over 50% there. The paintings...wellllll, let's just say I'm still experimenting to see what I'm capable of. I'd post WIP pix, but I think that would be an embarrassment. Maybe later in the week when I see how this crap is shaping up.

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