Friday, April 27, 2007


I think I'm being conspired against.

Yesterday I was tearing apart the house for my usual pair of sunglasses that I wear when I'm running errands on the bicycle. I know that they're somewhere in the house, but I can't find the damn things. The sunglasses are just the latest in a growing list of my belongings that the house ate. Others include(but not limited to):

  • my favorite watch(Bugs Bunny. The watchband was awesome, too)
  • a Soviet Air Force pin
  • my official Fight Crew tank top
  • a small leopard print-covered CD case full o' music that I listened to while in Texas
  • about five other pairs of sunglasses from over the years
  • 20,000 pens

Now, we've all had instances where we've stopped looking for a particular item, and it'll show up when we're looking for something else. The above list and other assorted crap seems to have permanently gone into another dimension, no matter how many other items I've searched and then non-searched the house for. I'm irked.

I'm also irked that the Derby Dolls are continuing to be harassed by the city. Yesterday we were told that our bout originally scheduled for May 5 that was rescheduled for May 12 may now not happen at all. Why? Because the city won't give us the permits necessary to have more bouts based on a false report that we had "simulated sex acts" as part of our halftime show at the April 14 bout. Now, we did have some dorky "dance" troupe as our halftime show who were provocatively dressed, doing provocative moves. BUT, no one was nekkid, and the audience is over 21. A tape was provided that showed what the dancers actually did. No go. Oh, and the cops apparently told our bar hosts that they're not allowed to sell alcohol at our games anymore, either. No reason given.

What freakin' gives?!?!?!?!

There's definitely some person or organization who is out to shut us down. We don't know who it is, and the city council won't tell us. They'll deny us permits based on accusations that carry no burden of proof, so we're guilty until proven innocent. And even then, we get screwed. Jeez, and I thought that only happened during criminal trials.

So today I continue the pissy mood that I've been sporting most of the week. Hooray.

Here's a monkey for you to enjoy. I'm currently building it in Illustrator:

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