Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is not my week.

Last night was the rehearsal scrimmage for our game this coming Saturday. It sucked some major @$$age.
Fight Crew doesn't have its captain and badass blocker, Myna Threat playing. Nor does it have one of its jammers, Crystal Deth. OK, that leaves quite a few other perfectly capable skaters to take on the Tough Cookies with minimal problem.

Well, except for the fact that everyone was nervous last night and craziness ensued.

First off, no one felt on their game. I certainly wasn't. My situation wasn't helped with the injury I received last night. Yep, I got injured. Don't know whether I'll be able to skate the game, as a matter of fact. Greeeeeaaaaaat. How did it happen? You may be asking.

Well, allow me to retort...I was at the front/middle of the pack. FC jammer was being held back by a wall o' Cookies. I did a sweep and took everyone up to the railing. So I had 3-4 skaters pushing on me from one direction. Someone...maybe a Cookie, maybe a Crew, decided to do what I did from the very front of the pack, and they ended up hitting me up at the rail on the other side of me, effectively sandwiching me up against the group that I just took up to the rail. That caused me(and half of the group at the rail) to fall, and when I did, my left knee twisted. I heard a pop! and knew right then I was fucked.So I sat out the rest of the scrimmage.

Then, there were the pack refs. They called a lot of penalties. Mostly against Fight Crew. Now, I'm not going to say that FC didn't earn those penalties. However, there isn't a clean-skating team in the entire league, so for one team to get penalties waaayyyyyyyy more than another shows that there's something going on with the damn refs. We ended up having 3 skaters foul out of the game entirely. The Cookies got one. One?!?!? After some of the sh!t I saw in that scrimmage that wasn't called, I was pissed.

This forced the rest of the skaters to have to hustle a lot more. Which actually turned out for the best for them. They got wayyyyyy more practice than they anticipated, and in the long run it's going to make them better skaters. The trial by fire part sucked, though.By the end of the night, two more FC skaters got injured to some degree or another. I think we ended up with six skateable skaters out of 14. Good times!The score was 43-17.

Today I'm going to try to Mad Max my knee and see if that'll make me mobile enough to play on Saturday. This sucks. It's bad enough that the other teams in the league want to see us go down, but when we get extra-proper screwed, it just makes me even more cranky.

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