Sunday, April 01, 2007

New biek!

Yesterday the husband and I bought new bicycles.

This came as an almost-total surprise to me, as the husband had casually mentioned once or twice that he was thinking of getting a new bicycle, but I had no idea how close he was to actually doing it.

We started out with running errands on the old bikes, and he said that he wanted to stop by a couple of bicycle places. Okee-dokee.

As a side note, what the hell is it about bicycle shops that make them so damn snotty? The first place we went to, they ignored us. As in, the husband tried to get a salesputz's attention in regards to a bike light and the putz pretended that the husband wasn't there and took a phonecall instead. We left on the spot.

So we went to the next place, where it took awhile to get saleshelp, but we did, and we ended up buying the bikes that the husband had kinda-sorta researched on the internet. They had the husband's bike ready to go. They had the frame for my bike in stock, but they had to "build it up". They said it would take an hour. Fine. We ride home, relax, eat some beef jerky, and call my sister(well, wake her up) to get a ride back to the place. Over two hours later, we get back to the bike shop. My bike still wasn't ready. After me standing around for an added 15 minutes after we got there. So we decided to go eat some lunch.

Over an hour later(I never want to eat at Swingers again)we go back to the bike shop. Now they can't find my bike. WHAT?!?! I was seriously about to go ballistic at this point. As I stomped over to the store manager, they finally find the bike in the back of the service area. Lucky for them. So we finally get to ride the damn things.

They're comfy. And fast. We got the new Schwinn Voyageur, and this year's model has disc brakes! They're great! Nice ride, less makes me want to not drive a car again.


The husband now thinks there's something wrong with the bearings in the steering column of his bike. So he wants to take the bike in today so that they can fix it. He doesn't want to ride it in. He doesn't have a carrier for the car. So now he's getting all frustrated about how to bring the bike in. Great. April Fools, indeed!

Expect screaming and waiting around to ensue.

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