Monday, April 30, 2007

Cat Conspiracies

Ever since I had to take the diabetic-fatass cat in for dental work last week, he's going through a round of not wanting to eat the food that he's supposed to eat. Finicky little bastard.

It makes trying to keep his diabetes in check more difficult, as I can't give him his regular dose of insulin, as it'll crash his blood sugar levels and at best he'll get all dopey and poop all over the house. At worst he goes into convulsions and we immediately rack up a couple grand in emergency vet costs.

He's done this before, and it takes about a week or so for the Battle of Lardo's Menu to sort itself out. He usually "loses" other words, he finally eats something resembling what he's supposed to and gets his insulin so he stays relatively healthy(as healthy as a 16-year old cat with diabetes and almost no teeth can be, anyway). This time, he's being an extra-big jerk about the whole food issue. Ever tried to force-feed a cat? It's not fun and I don't recommend it. Having a shower afterwards to scrub off all of the food-infested cat drool is mandatory.

If anyone wants a used cat, I'll send him to you. Airholes in the mailing receptacle optional.

Stuff update: when I was searching for something completely different, I found both my latest pair of sunglasses and my official Fight Crew tank top. That still leaves my favorite watch(missing since last August) and my fave CD case full o' homemade CD's still lost in another dimension. I win some, I lose some.


michelle said...

I am very, very grateful that Chavo doesn't turn his nose up at his Rx kidney foods. But I sure wish he would stop battling me when it comes time to give him his fluids ... you'd think he would've figured out by now that I'm not above dismantling the bed to get his furry ass out from under it. Gah. Beasts!

Give your old sickie an ear skritch for me, willya?

Starfish said...

First your house has eating problems and now your cat!

Sounds like your house is finally recovering, albeit under protest. Maybe your cat will follow suit - or at least continue with the POK* photo ops.


RedDiabla said...

The cat is getting hungrier while the house isn't. That's definitely a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, sorry for his troubles. The diabetes may cause sore gums, if i were thinking on it, i might try offering really soft, non-sugar, non-starchy food, or pablum? like what kitties eat? just to exercise the digestive tract and not too much to create watery bowels. I hope sepsis never becomes an issue, via gum related infection. It becomes a long slow painful demise at that point. My hopes and prayers for good health are with you and yours.