Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Day, Another...uh...Day.


Jobless, winless, and tired.

However, I got my new "business cards" in the mail today!

Aren't they cool?! I love 'em, even though I can't take a decent photo of them to save my life! They're called "Moo cards" and I ordered them through Flickr, the photo website. For $20 one can order a box o' cards with as many different pix as they want. On the back one can either have the pic info or have biz card info. Mine have my name, email addy, blog addy, and "I draw lots of silly stuff". It's fun!

For those of you who didn't go to the Derby Dolls game on Saturday, my team lost.

Which SUCKS.

However, we found out that we do have fans! And they got to see the best skateout EVER:

Silly as hell, but it was worth it. The Tough Cookies won by five points. We made them work VERY hard for that win. Now that my team got its @$$ kicked, I'm hoping that some internal @$$-kicking ensues so that we don't lose again.


Kent B said...

Hey, Red Sandra.

You're an out of work, talented storyboard artist in LA; I'm producing a low budget independent animated straight to video cartoon (G-rated! Suitable for kids) - I need some storyboarding! Money is low but not utterly insulting (equivalent to $1300/act)

I'm unashamedly trolling the blogs looking for exploitable talent!

If you're interested, please email me:

My production schedule is loose right now, with no hard deadline, so if you get a paying gig, don't worry!


(I don't know you but if you've worked in the business we probably have some mutual friends)

Kent Butterworth

Ken Mitchroney said...

The cards are A W S O M E !! Bright, Colorful and easer than giving out toilet seats. The redhead wants a set just to have.
Will there be a "Sandra's American Chopper" set too??? OOOOOH i can't wait !!