Friday, November 23, 2007


It's Friday on a holiday weekend and I'm already needing a nap.

Yesterday for Turkey Day the husband and I rode the bicycles to Torrance. Last time we did it the husband said it was around 40 miles round-trip. This time he's saying it's 50 miles. So I'll split the difference and say that it was 45 miles. Whatever it really was, it was much needed because I ate enough BBQ'd turkey to sink a cruise ship.

The nephew and niece in-laws were present and annoying. The nephew in particular is gonna be real trouble in a couple of years. He's 10 years old now and kept following me around, wanting me to throw him, swing him around, tickle him, or toss him in a trashcan. Yeah, for real...I tossed him in a trashcan and he liked it. I tried to wear him out, but I think I merely succeeded in cementing the fact that he's going to need extensive therapy when he gets older(can we say, "masochist"?). The niece is now 12 years old and is at an age where she'll pound the living bejeezus out of her brother but will wisely leave me alone.

On the dark ride home both the husband and I went off the bike path along the beach near Hermosa into the sand. I almost went over the handlebars, but only my pride was actually wounded. The husband was trailing far behind, so I was already back on the path and pedalling along when he went off the path and managed to land on his shoulder. Owch! This is what happens when the path is the same color as the beach and is not lit at night. We even have lights on the bikes and we still couldn't see! Durrrrrrrr!

Today we got up early and went to the LA Auto Show.

What a disappointment.

The husband wants a new car, as his old car is 12 years old and has over 100K miles on it. It's a Trans Am, which Pontiac doesn't make anymore. Unfortunately, muscle cars are so out of vogue right now it makes trying to find a new car that's even in the same cool-factor ballpark almost impossible. If we wanted an SUV, we'd have plenty of choices. If we wanted an ugly peesachit cheaply-made econobox with crapacious gas mileage we'd be golden. But noooo, we want something that can go fast, from a domestic auto maker, isn't as big as a freakin' house, gets decent mileage and doesn't cost over $35K. Good luck with that.

Well, alright, we could get a Ford Mustang. That's it.

We wandered from booth to booth...the husband figuring out that his next car will be from a Japanese auto maker while I tried to stay merely upright due to under-caffeination. Everything was just so...bland. The only car that I got excited over was at the Mercedes booth. The damn thing was built in the 1930's. Not exactly practical to have nowadays, but DAMN it was BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLL. Convertible, suicide doors, craftsmanship...droooooooooooooool.

I almost got myself ditched when I insisted on talking with a James Mason/Ronald Coleman accent at the Jaguar booth. Phooey, I was determined to have some kind of fun.

So we came away with the knowledge that whatever the husband's next car is going to be, it's not going to knock our socks off. Bleh.

Derby crap:

Found this blog that's run by the councilman who leads the district the Derby Dolls are now in.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Chino Hills to skate in some pick-up scrimmage with a new league there. A bunch of the San Diego Derby Dolls are going, too. Should be entertaining.

Next week we're having a mid-week game that's not open to the public that'll determine who goes to our season championship game Dec. 8. Ugh. I think I'm ready for it if I eat enough carbs...oh darn, I might have to eat pasta on Monday and Tuesday.

OK, nap attack.

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