Wednesday, November 14, 2007


All morning I've been hearing the chattering of an angry squirrel, but didn't bother investigating it. We have angry squirrels all over the place all the time, so I didn't think much of it.

However, the husband decided to investigate, as the little critter kept waking him up. He looks out the bedroom window and sees three neighborhood cats circling near a small folded table that's propped up in one corner of our patio. On the backside of the folded table hangs the angry chattering squirrel, waiting for the cats to get bored and leave.

The cats don't leave.

The squirrel keeps angrily chattering.

The husband says, We should go save the squirrel.

Screw that, let nature take its course, I snarl.

So for another hour, the angry chattering carries on.

Our own cats don't even acknowledge the Wild Kingdom episode playing out on the patio.

Finally, I take pity on the damn squirrel. It must be exhausted from hanging on the back of the little table. So I bravely step forth into the fray of nature armed only with my wits and a camera. The neighborhood cats immediately scatter. The husband stays back, in case the squirrel charges him.

Here's the little angry prey:

Are you ready for your close up?

Hey! You know what would be fun? To walk up to an angry squirrel and move the table it's attached to so that photos could be taken! And then the photos can be put up on the internets!


It's surprisingly difficult to take pictures of angry squirrels one-handed, I'll tell yew whut.

I handed the camera to the husband and attempted to lean the table forward so that the squirrel could escape. That little booger took off so fast, it was a brownish-grey blur going across the lawn to the safety of the telephone pole at the back of the yard. The husband couldn't get a photo of the Great Escape, unfortunately.

Now we're safe, and it's quiet.


the doodlers said...

Haha! You guys deserve a medal for squirrel rescue. Be proud. :)

Becca said...

Squirrelies are very grateful creatures! They just don't express their feelings enough! They're very repressed! :D

~Nature Girl