Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday Clean-Up

The Derby Dolls were being neighborly by contributing our time to cleaning up the neighborhood around our new space, which is now christened "the Doll Factory" since it used to be an ice cream factory. We spent a couple of hours fanning out and cleaning up an amazing array of trash. Afterwards, we got to eat Fillipino food at a local church(I purposely stayed outside so that I wouldn't burst into flames) and say hi to the neighbors. I rode my bicycle to and from the Doll Factory, so I felt like I accomplished quite a bit.

Here's my work crew getting all obsessive about cleaning up curbside:

We found some mind-numbing treats. A fast-food bag filled with some sort of whitish-yellowish goo. A LOT of empty mayonnaise packets. Cigarette butts for days. Empty cups, bottle caps, and broken glass.

Here's a lovely sock that was apparently used for, uh, masturbatory purposes:

Yes, I'm wearing latex gloves.

Here's one of two used condoms we found:

This was the fresher of the two condoms. Mmmmm, tasty!

We found a bucket of used motor oil, too:

That...thing that I'm holding is a plastic bag that was floating in the oil. Lourdy!

But we didn't win the prize for the grossest item found. That dubious honor goes to the boyfriend of one of the skaters who found a bag full of human excrement...with a sock in it. A close second place was a cup full of urine. It was great comparing gross stuff while we were eating afterwards!

Back to work. Pin-ups progressing nicely.


Ken Mitchroney said...

ICK! Remind me never to shake hands with you again.

Becca said...

YOU HAD FILIPINO FOOD???? Are you okay? :D

RedDiabla said...

I wouldn't recommend shaking hands with me under most circumstances anyway!

The Filipino food was OK, actually. Don't ask me what I ate, though!