Monday, August 04, 2008

Lookit What I Found... Rollercon:

Yep, that same silly drawing that I did last year is still on stickers and even on t-shirts! Score for them, since I got paid a flat rate for the damn thing. It looks like they never had anyone take the drawing into Illustrator to vectorize it. Funny.

Rollercon was fun, even though the on-skates stuff was ridiculously crowded. I didn't get to skate much, and teaching my one class was a nightmare. Over 100 students, easily. Except I can't teach that many people at one time. Ah well. I should've taught Tarametrics. I think I'll do that next year.

This was another year of buttons. I got tons of them. I didn't hand out all of the ones I brought. Lame.

Of course I had the Sharpies out in full force. I don't know if I made it close to last year's record, as we ended taking a night off to sleep for ten hours straight. Apparently we were tired.

The thing I noticed with both Comic Con and Rollercon was that I wasn't into partying late into the night. Am I getting old, or did the mid-day drinking kinda kill my party vibe? A combination of both, perhaps?

Anyway, I'll post more pix later when I sort through them.

Below is a rough of a quick birthday card I did last week. Of course I didn't scan the final result, but as usual, I think I like the rough better anyway. I used some kind of rad pen that I keep, uh, borrowing copious amounts of from one of the workplaces I prowl:

I still have two birthday cards and two wedding cards to do this month. Fargh!!

I'm still tired. And now am kinda sick. Laying low is the main plan this week.

Next week the Dear Husband is riding the murdersickle up to Seattle. Lucky bastard! I'm staying home and being the Crazy Cat Lady most of the time. Except for the wedding I get to go to in San Luis Obispo. That should be fun!

So back to "work" for me. Yay!

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