Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing But Trouble

Apparently I'm nothing but trouble.

Funny thing is, most people won't deal directly with trouble. They just let it...happen. Then they whine about it later.

If I were more socially evil, I'd be able to mess with the world ten BAJILLION times worse than I do already.






This past weekend TCM featured Laurel and Hardy all day Saturday.

I didn't grow up watching Laurel and Hardy. I'd heard of them, seen photos of them, saw them caricatured in cartoons, but never sat down and had the chance to watch their work. The local independent tv station(remember those?)always had plenty o' Three Stooges early on the weekends, but Laurel and Hardy was not to be seen.

Holy FAWK was I missing out!

They were BRILLIANT at jokes...especially physical ones. The verbal one-offs weren't shabby by any means either, but their comic timing was unreal. And stolen to great effect by Warner Bros. cartoonists Back in the Day. Now I know where Clampett, Avery, et al got it from!

Today's writers and animators need to rediscover their stuff. Like, NOWWWWWWW.

While watching Way Out West, I was amused by a quick shot of a flock of geese in the middle of a chaotic scene. I now vow to try to include a flock of geese in multiple future projects.

Another photo from Rollercon...someone whom I tagged leaned up against the wall and left their mark...or is it my mark?

Two fun examples of People Watching:

Sunday I rode my bicycle to the track for tryouts.

On the way I passed a young man in his very late teens/very early twenties who happened to be a Hasidic Jew. He had the beaver hat, ringlets, and dark clothes. He also happened to have a cigarette dangling from his upper lip and was texting on a cell phone. The juxtapositioning was JENIUS. I wish I'd taken a photo.

Today I skated to the beach.

On the way I saw a guy who appeared homeless but was on a bicycle. He had straggly hair, cargo shorts, dark grey t-shirt, minimal teeth, and to top it all off...the most awesome tricorn hat EVARRRRRR. He looked like a pirate. Well, he actually looked like a bum who stole the hat from an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I won't split hairs.

It's nice to still see interesting people out in the world...in LA it's so easy to concentrate on all the bland, boring-looking people. I guess they just make the standouts stand out oh so much more!

But my overall mood still hasn't improved.

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