Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Stoopidity

I have no decent artwork to show for today, so here's some stoopid photos:

From, Stiv Skator, Vulvarine, and Demolicious carrying on in the Mai Tai bar at the Imperial Palace:

Me tagging Bong Jovi:

Yes, I'm wearing a dress. Shut up.

Me and Adorable Raf at Comic Con, looking badass at the Hyatt:

It's not easy looking badass when there's a big guy in plaid behind you.

This past weekend my CalArts pals Troy and April got married. I did a kamikaze run up to San Luis Obispo and back in one day to attend the ceremony, meet their rad daughter, and dress like a total dork:

The Superhero pose:

They are definitely a couple of the raddest people I know. And they're uber-talented. If they weren't my friends I'd hate 'em for that!

I also found out that the job I was supposed to go onto next month won't be happening for me.


This throws my life into slight chaos with a touch of panic. I needs to start pounding the pavement...and go find a job, too.

Another episode of Redneck Theater is up. Not too scary, just amusing.


Donna A. said...

This whole thing with you wearing dresses is starting to scare me. Do I need to plan an intervention???

RedDiabla said...

Wow, you must ACTUALLY be lumberjack jokes!!