Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bullet Points

  • Last Saturday the LA Derby Dolls team the Aftershockers won. Big. 165-63. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  • I'm in Freelance Hell for the holiday week. Kill me.

  • Tuesday morning I was on my way to the beach on my skates. I passed a HUGE fuzzy German Shepherd who was dragging his human on a skateboard. The dog, who I found out was named Gus, decided that he wanted to outrun me. He caught up, and ran juuuuuuuust ahead of me. I tried to pet him, but he was too busy concentrating on staying juuuuuuuuust ahead of me for me to be successful.

  • I've been trying to buy all my produce at local farmer's markets. And am mostly winning. Right now peaches are in season. I have never been a big fan of peaches. I remember when I was a kid my mom would make me eat canned peaches in that horrible heavy sugar syrup. Why the hell they ever packed them in that syrup, I don't know, because they sure as hell don't need it. I went a-samplin' at the farmers market and discovered that I do indeed like them after all. Yummmm.

  • For the first time I was invited to hang out with the Derby Dolls refs, The Enforcers, at one of their dinners. They like to eat dinner a lot together. I think it's because they're very entertaining. In this case, it certainly wasn't because the place where we ate had the best service in the world. In fact, it had the worst service and I was so annoyed I didn't even drink. THAT'S SERIOUS, Y'ALL. Anyway, I got cheered for being BORRRRRRRINGG!!!!!!! due to my being with the Dear Husband for 20 fucking years. People who were late showing up got cheered for...being late. A couple of douchey Hollywood twerps tried to sit in our general camp and got pushed away. And we all cheered ourselves after that. I think the Enforcers are one of the more fun groups within the Derby Dolls organization, if not the most vocal.

  • On my way to the Enforcers dinner I walked by Kathy Griffin as she was waiting for a restaurant valet to fetch her car in front of a Hollywood eatery. It took everything I had to not yell, "KATHY GRIFFIN IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!" But I do regret not saying something.

  • I have no idea what's going on for the 4th of July weekend. Well, other than the whole being in Freelance Hell thing. Beavis has been lurking around lately, so I don't know how far from home I'll want to stray. Ugh.

  • I should probably stay close to home because I have a 6 lb. food baby to lose by Comic Con. Booth babe, here I come.

  • The one good thing that's come out of Michael Jackson's death is that people have rediscovered his album Off The Wall. It's better than Thriller. Yes, I have an opinion about such things.

Alright, back to work.


Troy said...

"The one good thing that's come out of Michael Jackson's death is that people have rediscovered his album Off The Wall. It's better than Thriller. Yes, I have an opinion about such things."

Since when is fact considered opinion?

And remember, you're only as boring as everybody else thinks you are.

Also, my word verification seemed to be cruelly mocking Asians, and now I'm a racist for typing it in.

RedDiabla said...

Dear Racist:

Glad to hear that someone else backs me up about Off The Wall. I think it's physically impossible to not groove to it to one degree or another.

And in this particular instance, I'd rather be borrrrrrring than be single in LA. As I discovered last night in Hollyweird, the dooshbagguery of the average dude is too much for me to handle. I'd become a nun if I were single.

Cagey said...

So now I'm getting insulted for being single. I don't see you helping us find non-douche-love!

*runs away not sobbing at all*

Actually, I love having Gori as my gf.

RedDiabla said...

Cagey: I don't insult you for being single. The dooshbagues of LA is the insult to singleness. Get it right, fer feck's sake.