Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Bullet Points

  • Fourth of July was fun. Hung out with Myna Threat and Bong Jovi at his place known as Rancho Relaxo. Had bacon-wrapped hot links topped with queso followed by Jack Daniels shots. Then a lovely bicycle ride to Venice where we crashed a lesbian party on a hotel rooftop on the Boardwalk. Saw allllll the fireworks in LA. It rocked.

  • Beavis was uncharacteristically seen wandering around over the weekend, but when darkness fell, so did his activity level. Thank goodness.

  • Had to work the rest of the weekend. FUCK. THAT. NOISE.

  • As a result of overeating this weekend, my Food Baby is becoming a permanent part of my physique. No bueno. Damn Comic Con and its Booth Babe responsibilities.

  • Btw, you going to Comic Con? The GirlsDrawinGirls booth will be in the same place it was last year. Next to the ACME booth. Just look for the tall Maude Lebowski or post-OD Mrs. Mia Wallace booth babes.

  • My cat is very jealous of the cat hanging out in our backyard. Every time I even say hi to Kitty, Lou C comes strutting up, puts his nose against the door screen, and glares at Kitty lounging on the cement. A few times I've opened the screen and held one of the two cats while the other performs a cat scan on him. Get it? Cat scan? Shutup. Predictions that Kitty will move in have been more forthcoming.

  • Even though the Derby Dolls is supposedly on hiatus, I'm getting ready for Rollercon in Vegas at the end of the month. So far I'm on 3 challenge teams and am teaching 2 classes. WOW, I'm getting some skating in this year!

  • I also put a tentative date on my active-team-skating retirement.


tilda whirl said...

wait... WHAT?

You want to start rec league? We should talk about that more.

Chokabitchski said...

ummmm...booooooooo on the last bullet point! boooooo I say! booooo! booo. Wait, unless that tentative date is like December 2028, cuz seriously 60 year olds are probably too fragile.

RedDiabla said...


I has a tentative date. It's not next week or anything. It's not 2028, either.

It's somewhere in between.

Little Kenny said...

Ummm, the only good thing about the "tentative" retirement is that I'd be able to cheer with you instead of for you. With beer. ;)

Besides you're probably too old to skate anyway. Hehehehhehehehehe.


Little Kenny said...

ps I only said the above cuz you can't killz me through the entarwebs.

Little Kenny said...

I hope.