Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mind=really blown

Another way for me to feel old...

Today is the 20th anniversary of me meeting the Dear Husband.

At a science fiction convention.

In Anaheim.


Yeah, I know.


Troy said...

Fuck yeah!

Just wait till the day you sincerely ramble on about how you met saving him from being strapped to a rocket to the moon in Tomorrowland.

Things were rad in the 80's you bratty whelps!

RedDiabla said...

Ah, the eighties. Hello, Killing Joke:

Roger Assaultrey said...

I like Gia's story of you and DH meeting over cloves at a Tears for Fears concert better. :D

That just happened, y'all!

Gia said...

So imagine Tears for Fears playing in the background.

"Hey, nice Rick Deckard costume."
"Hey thanks. Are you Vicki Vale?"
"Yes, I am."


"So, want a clove?"
"Naw, I don't smoke."
"Yeah, but these are from the future. In the future, everyone smokes cloves."
"Oh really? Well then, if EVERYONE in 2019 smokes cloves, I better start."


Little Kenny said...

Holy!!! Crap!!! You've known that crazy bugger that long? How have you stayed sane? ;) Congrats. Today is our 4th wedding anniversary as well. You made me think about how long Mrs. LK have known each other and after doing all the rocket scientist math it turns out it's 27 years. OI!!!


Chokabitchski said...

I need to see a photo of this. If one does not exist, I will need a reenactment.

RedDiabla said...

Gia and Assaultrey: Ah, we met over cloves, just not at a Tears for Fears concert. C'mon, the Dear Husband used to hang out with VAN FUCKING HALEN, fer chrissakes. I think he just went to commit suicide over the mere thought of being at a TFF concert.

I can't make such bold claims since I've seen the Cure a couple of times and my first concert was the Thompson Twins.

Good lourd, I AM old.

LK: You win!

Agata: there's no way to replicate the geeky magic of that long-ago night in Anaheim with Disneyland fireworks and my sister in a fancy dress saying to me, "Who the hell is this guy?!"

Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

congrats armovs

Busta Armov said...

Not to mention that I weighed all of 155 pounds at the time.

Busta Armov said...

Oh yea, and I think one of the first shows we went to was The Stones with Guns and Roses opening.

TFF indeed. Feh.