Monday, July 27, 2009


Am back from Comic Con.

Am getting ready for Rollercon.

Am overwhelmed.

Am tired.

Am not getting enough sleep due to the noisy world.

Am surprised that out of my merchandise for sale at Comic Con, this little lady was by far the best-seller of my offerings:

I may have to resurrect her for more fun in the next year.

In other surprising Comic Con news...

I'm either out of touch or the average Comic Con attendee is a fucking moron. Friday I dressed as post-adrenaline shot Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. A classic, right? Um, apparently not. Most people were baffled.

Saturday I debuted a re-made Big Lebowski Maude-from-Gutterballs outfit. Most folk thought I was a valkyrie. A valkyrie with bowling balls on her torso!?!??!


And I thought Comic Con was supposed to be full of nerds who knew about such things?!

Ah well.

When do I get a vacation? Oh right, I don't.



Troy said...

I couldn't make it this year, but I heard from friends who did that your Marsellus Wallace costume was awesome. I know it just takes a little makeup, pillow muscles and a band aid, but I can't believe you shaved your head!

And they said your World of Warcraft Teutonic warrior maiden shot by cannonballs looked exactly like in the game!


PhilB said...

Finally, two characters at ComiCon I *would* have recognized.