Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just So You Know...

See this? It's the trailer for the movie, Whip It! which is based on a book called, Derby Girl, written by a former Derby Doll skater:

I HAVE to say this: THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT ROLLER DERBY!! Not even close! Derby chicks all over the place are alread commenting about the inaccuracies game-wise in the trailer. SO WHAT?! That's what Hollywood takes a subject and warps it to its own uses. It's OK, derby will survive this. Really.

And skaters? Bitching about the punches thrown when it was just a couple of short years ago when ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAMN LEAGUE had fights, penalty wheels, and a more exploitative overall feel to the proceedings is stupid and shows ignorance from where this crazy sport came from. Stop it. Now.

I don't know why I'm so annoyed by the comments, but I am. So take that. This is an opportunity for leagues to capitalize on the attention. So stop snarking and get planning, bitches!


PhilB said...

Is the book worth reading?

RedDiabla said...

Well Phil, I don't know if it's exactly your type of reading material. I would describe it as very cute. Yep, the "c" word. :)

Little Kenny said...

Bought it. Read it. I don't know how to describe it. It's definitely not written from or for a guys perspective on stuff, but at the same time it's an enjoyable quick read even for this guy.

I initially picked it up just to support the authors efforts. Gotta help out.

Tara probably summed it up better with the "c" word. I enjoyed it, but I probably won't we going back to read it again.

As for the movie trailer it's about what I expected. Of course Hollywood is going to "spice" it up to suit their interests. I say take it for what it is and use whatever excitement comes out of it to further the current Roller Derby expansion. There's no bad publicity.