Thursday, October 13, 2005

And now...

...may I introduce the Angriest Cat in the World.

And she's mine. Oh joy, oh rapture.

Actually, she's expressing my current mood quite nicely, as it's Yom Kippur today. The jewish day of atonement for those who don't keep track of these things. One is supposed to not eat, drink, work, or do anything except sit and contemplate the wrongs that they're responsible for committing in the past year and how to fix said wrongs. A nice idea, really. So being the all-around heathen yet holiday opportunist that I am, I'm not eating or drinking, but obviously I'm online. And I'm hungry already. So I'm contemplating what I'm going to eat when sundown comes this evening instead of the wrongs that I need to fix. Good thing I'm not actually jewish, 'cos I'd be a very bad jew!

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