Saturday, March 11, 2006

Changing the Rules to Sainthood

Yesterday I decided that the rules to sainthood will be changed so that my sister can be the newest saint in that pantheon.


She saved our Derby Doll asses.

Things have been rocky when it comes to getting sponsors for the Derby Doll/TXRD bout. Plans have fallen through sponsor- and money-wise just about every damn time. The latest was having our air travel plans go kaput at 4am yesterday morning, but the skaters weren't told until mid-afternoon. FAWK! That was the final straw. All hope was lost, yet there was an undercurrent of, we HAVE to do this; we HAVE to go to Austin. We've worked too hard NOT to go. I morosely shot an email to my sister about the latest major roadblock, who just so happens to be a travel agent. Five minutes later she calls me, "WHAT?!?!?!?! What do you mean your flights were cancelled at the last minute?!?!" she immediately gets on the computer and starts looking up alternate flights and says she might be able to pull something off before the end of the day. I call one of the league owners and the league business manager to get the OK for this. I get it, everyone starts talking to each other, and the Texas league fronts us a credit card that isn't maxed out to get the tix.

Five hours later and our trip to Austin is saved. We're leaving tomorrow, Sunday, for our first inter-league bout. I'm exhausted because I became the liaison between my sister and the league. My sister's exhausted because she took care of 17 reservations on top of her already-insane workload to take care of our sorry asses. This will be worth it, though. I CAN'T WAIT!

So I give mucho thanks to St. Mary of the Austinly-Bound. Thanks, seestir!

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George said...

Glad your trip was saved. I tried to get tickets to go home next weekend, nope, all booked up. I'll go the next wekend.

Enjoy Austin, and kick them TV star's asses!