Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm in Austin with the Derby Dolls.

It's amazing how foul of a mood I can be in when I'm put into close quarters with four other women with access to only one bathroom. And everyone's constipated. That's right, it's bloated gas time! I'm tired, sore from walking around a lot, cranky over having severe lack of sleep and privacy, and I just want to go home. Well, alright, I also want to skate a lot.

When we got into town, the TXRD girls were in the process of moving their track from its current non-permitable space to the convention center. We helped load everything up, helped unload everything at the convention center, and helped get the track together. It was glorious when we actually got to skate!

But that's the only fun I've had. I haven't showered since I got to Austin. I look like sh!t. I must smell horrible, and my fashion sense is nonexistant. My grumpiness is coming through, so now I have to try to shut up so that I don't get killed in my sleep.

Is it Saturday yet?


Elliot said...

...sounds delightful...

RedDiabla said...

Oh yeah, good times. Luckily my mood has improved over the course of the week.