Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Job, Old Weather

Yesterday I started work on another Scooby Doo direct-to-video project. This time the gang is in the Himalayas. I've never worked with the particular sequence director I'm assigned to, but he seems like an OK guy. He's worked in Disney Feature amongst other places, but doesn't seem snotty and makes a lot of jokes about being drunk. Gotta love that!

I'm trying to predominately work from home on this project. The atmosphere at the office is just horrible for someone like me. I'm just too loud and boisterous for an office setting, and I feel like I always have to be on guard at the office. They also started a new procedure of having to check out art supplies. What a pain in the tuchus that is. At least I now have an official employee ID, so that I can go to the main lot once in awhile. Studio lots can be a great deal of fun.

It's raining again. We rarely get rain this late in the season, but I'm kind of enjoying it. I plan on going jogging in about a half hour or so and enjoy the dampness that is the great outdoors.

Tonight we meet with our accountant for taxes. Yeehaw! The best part is afterwards, when we make our yearly trek to Johnnie's in Culver City for some post-taxes pastrami. Mmmmm, pastrami!

Here's another doodle of no one in particular. I think I was ruminating about prom dresses when I drew this out.

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