Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just Flew in from Austin...

...and not only are my arms tired, but so is just about every other part of me as well. Jeez, what a week! It started out so bad, but ended up being pretty good overall, and the skating itself was just a freakin' blast! Here's some quick photos that I've gathered so far:

The lineup:

The looking lost in the infield:

The skating:

The back of my shirt after the bout:

Some highlights include:


Getting lost in north Austin late at night for two and a half hours and having to ask for directions twice in that time period.

Getting back on the banked track.

Having Witchbaby ask to use my skates for practice.

Drinking vodka and cranberry juice all night at the Red Bull house.

Losing my text messaging virginity to Matt and Juana.

Having Kitty yell, "I need to make out with a boy!!" and knowing what happened after that.

Babysitting Punchy and Myna after the game.

Skating against Smarty Pants.

Taking down Venis Envy.

Starting shit with Betty TaRoll.

Getting yanked off the rail by Cherry Chainsaw and two other TXRD skaters and then getting dogpiled by the rest of the team.

Getting boo'd by the Texas fans at the beginning of the game, but then had them come up to me after the game to take my picture with them.

The Flamers.

Having the husband write inspirational messages on a whiteboard, only to have the board forcefully yanked from him by Bones and Chola.

Being hugged by Kasey.

Walking around the SXSW fest with people saying, "Wow, you girls do roller derby? How cool!"

Almost getting into a fight with some hipster jackasses at the Jackalope.

Seeing the Datsuns.

Seeing some kickass psychobilly bands at Headhunters.

Hearing Doc ask Punchy for her panties.

Climbing up and down the stairs of the convention center parking structure with a buttload of skate gear.

Figuring out how to get all the Derby Doll merch checked in and on its way back to LA.

Having Juliette Lewis bump into me on the plane and apologizing profusely for it.

I need a break, but I don't think I'm going to be getting one anytime soon. Ah well.


Uccellina said...

Your weekend kicked my weekend's ass.

Miss Mindy said...

Bitchin! looks like yous gals had some fun beatin' up folks this weekend - I sang Irish songs with dirty old men! yay me!

RedDiabla said...

Oh come on, I'm betting you two are underselling your weekend activities!

Uccellina said...

No. Really.