Thursday, July 20, 2006

F*** yeah!

I'm done with my f***ing board. F*** yeah!

I'm psyched for the f***ing bout this weekend. Are you going?! If not, YOU F***ING SHOULD!

Sunday I'll be seeing the f***ing film that I went to Tejas for three years ago. I can't f***ing wait!

I have to ship the f***ing painted toilet seats I did for Rollercon. That'll be f***ing cool!

It's been humid as f*** lately. I'm sweating like a f***ing pig.

Why the f*** am I posting f*** so much? Because I was sent this piece of brilliance.

I f***ing love that movie.


Christopher Harmon said...

Aw. Lebowski and Texas in the same blog entry. I realized I shouldn't lurk anonymously. Plus, the heat has made me get the same haircut I had in Texas. And I'll see you tomorrow, as I'm Rusty's date for the movie. I had to remind him yet again I didn't work on it.

RedDiabla said...

So, uh, you're Rusty's special f***ing guy friend for the screening?

Christopher Harmon said...

Rusty's my extra special friend and I can still hear his laughing echoing across the Hollywood Hills.

RedDiabla said...

Don't we all?