Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday already?!

Here's a hilarious photo that I insisted that the husband take before we went to last Saturday's bout:

And here is one of the toilet seats that I'm shipping off to be shown in the Rollercon art show. That's right, they're having an art show this year! So I did a skater-themed seat for the occasion:

If it sells, I'm donating the proceeds to a Sin City skater named Pirate who got jumped in a parking lot recently. She got the living bejeezus beat out of her and is uninsured and facing thousands of dollars of hospital bills. Yikes!

I thought I'd be able to take a week off from derby bidness and concentrate on art crap, but that ain't the case. Of course. I wish the derby stuff paid something...anything! It'd make the headaches more worthwhile.

The heat is still turning me into a sweat-pig from hell. Damn my overactive sweat glands! I hate running errands on the bicycle because I get comments from people who think I'm about to keel over from heat exhaustion. Jeez, like my being a sweaty Betty isn't bad enough.

Today's goal: to have lunch with Cute Friend Becca.


Uccellina said...

e-mail me. I just tried to send you something and it bounced.

Mike Milo said...

Woo Hoo! Hot mama!

Elliot said...

Oh..that's a nice picture...