Tuesday, July 25, 2006

If You Didn't Go Downtown on Saturday...

You missed some fun!

The Tru$t Fund Terrors went up against the Sirens in a helluva game Saturday night. I got to be a team manager which turned out to be the perfect job for me. I'm almost looking forward to retiring from skating if I can still be a team manager. Seriously.

I decided to get into character and glam myself up:

In case you think you're seeing hallucinations, yes I'm wearing makeup and false eyelashes with rhinestones along the base.

I got to carry around a clipboard and yell my lungs out at my skaters. I went so far as to run on the infield beside them while they skated on the track, yelling all the while. I totally got into it, and I'd like to think that it helped. The audience was amused, to be sure.

Oh, and before you think you're hallucinating again...yes, I was wearing white. All white. With gold hot pants. See? This is what you freakin' miss when you don't see a Derby Dolls bout!

The TFT's didn't win, but goddam they have a lot of fans. Those girls didn't give up. They gave the Sirens hell. The capacity crowd loved it. Three skaters ended up with injuries, including my own co-cappie, Myna Threat. We're now like demented bookends, since she now has a shoulder injury very similiar to mine, but on the opposite shoulder from me. Feh!

Why am I about to spank TFT captain Broadzilla in the below photo? Because she got herself thrown out of the game! This chick is tough, and got fouled out of the game at the end of the second half. Again, the crowd went ape.

The afterparty consisted of me getting groped by other women a lot. If I were gay, it'd be totally hot. I think the husband thought it was hot. I was merely amused. If this is what looking girly is about, maybe I'm better off with my slovenly standard.

Sunday morning found the husband and I blearily driving to Hollyweird to check out the Ant Bully. It's a good flick! Even with my work in it! I was pleasantly surprised by that. I also found out that some of the people I worked with in Tejas have been reading my blog, as I heard them mention lurkers under their breath when talking to me. I'm rather amused by that. Anyway, GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!! IT'S GOOD!!!!

This week I get to catch up on art crap and go to a lot of meetings. Oh joy.


Donna A. said...

Ohmydog. You're wearing MAKEUP. I'm shocked. What's next? Skirts and pantyhose? Shoes with kitten heels? Where's that lumberjack I've grown to love? ;-)

Oh, wait, you still got to yell and (from the pic with Broadzilla) hit people. Nevermind.

RedDiabla said...


MILLET said...

check you out, miss glamazon :)))

we MUST see you wreak havoc in the rink again soon, when's the next bout?
i have to make sure i'm free of dishwashing duties from the bluruby/ hell's kitchen.

RedDiabla said...

The next bout is Aug. 26, but I won't be skating in that one. The one after that is Sept. 23. That's gonna be some major freakin' fun!!