Thursday, July 06, 2006


Not a good day today.

Last night at practice one of my teamates and I were sent flying into the infield. When I landed, my right arm was outstretched and possibly twisted. My right shoulder is in a lot of pain right now as a result. Why don't you go to the doctor? you're probably wisely asking. Because I don't have insurance right now due to not having enough union hours to keep it going.

Oh yeah, I'm loving life.

I can't do anything with my arm where my elbow sticks out. I can lift my arm in front of me, but not to the side. I can't swing my arm out to the side. Letting it just hang is painful. It's really amazing how much range of motion one takes for granted until they lose said range of motion.

The husband is amazingly sympathetic. He says, "We don't have insurance?! Great, now I can't ride the motorcycle to work!" Nevermind that I'm in a lot of fuxxing pain right now. Well, he did suggest that I eat the cost of an office visit and try to get x-rays. Unfortunately, being unemployed doesn't make that option too fantastic.

I really don't know what to do about it, besides take ibuprofin and alternate ice and heat on it. Oh, and of course be grumpy.

I was supposed to skate in a little mini-bout for potential sponsors on Friday. Not now. I was supposed to sub for the Tru$t Fund Terrors in two weeks wearing all white(something that everyone was really looking forward to giving me sh!t about). Probably not now. Hell, I can't go buy the 50 lb. bag of kitty litter that I ordinarily can casually throw over my shoulder with ease anymore. Jeez! Stoopid skating!


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Mike Milo said...

Sorry to hear you hurt yourself Sandi! I hope it heals quick. I for one would love to see you in all white!

MILLET said...

i feel your pain but i know you're
a beyonce

RedDiabla said...

Comparing me to Beyonce in any capacity just cracks me right the hell up!