Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stuck in the Middle with You

Today my team had a photo shoot.

I hate planning stuff like this, because most of the details are left to me, as captain(or "craptain", as ACDG skater Vida Loca likes to call it) to deal with.

I had to suggest themes.

I had to find locations.

I had to set the date.

I had to lineup a makeup artist(thank god one of the girls in the league, Jenna Tailya, was available).

I had to make a list of props.

I had to supply over half the props on that list.

I had to wake up early on a Saturday morning and drive downtown.

I had to sweat profusely.

I had to deal with some minor crankiness.

I had to get dirty.

I had to literally hose out my suitcase afterwards due to fake blood spillage.

And one last thing:
I had to contain myself once I saw the results.

We did this shoot because the Derby Dolls are putting together a calendar. Oh hell yeah, it's gonna be cool. Our team was the first shoot for the calendar. We had two months that we had to do. One month had to be of the team in their uniforms. The other was free-form fun. Since one of our months is October, we decided that Reservoir Dogs would be a great influence for that. So we got out our guns, blazers and ties and found ourselves a cop to mess with:

As you can see, the results are quite pretty! The Sirens' Emma Geddon was our "victim". At least she got her ear back when we were done with her. We also did a setup mimicking the Buscemi/Keitel face-off. It's hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our uniform shoot. We had originally wanted to do this in a jet plane. One of my girls is friends with someone who works for a large airline. We asked the airline if we could sneak onto a plane. They said no. We couldn't go anywhere near a plane, even if it was outside of the plane. Jeez, like we're scumbags or something. Well, based on the photo below, I guess I can't blame 'em:

Think there's enough RED in that photo?!?!

The photographer for all this fun is Roger Snider. I haven't seen anything outside of the Derby Doll stuff that he's done(he's shot several of our bouts since last November), but I like what he does for us!

The bar we shot this at is owned by a Derby Doll: Pocket Rock-it. She's awesome. She's also responsible for getting us a space to set up our banked track for July 22. If you're ever in downtown LA and need a drink, go to Bar 107 on 4th St. @ Main. Seriously.

My shoulder is feeling significantly better. I find that if I put a heating pad on it at night, it's less cranky in the morning. It's still sore, but it's not ohmyfuxxinggawdIneedtogotothehospital sore.

I may be able to skate in all white yet!

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