Thursday, July 13, 2006

Workity workworkwork and other random stuff

Despite the freelance I'm working on being less complicated than the previous script, I'm still steadily falling behind on it due to the bout preparation below:

I didn't do this flyer, which is why it looks so good. One of my teammates did, though.

I need to get a union gig. There are folks who are anti-union, but animators need all the help they can get. Reading the union blog has been entertaining for the different viewpoints from different artists.

My shoulder doesn't like giving whips at practice. It'll happily hit people just fine. In fact, it feels great after I smack someone around a bit. It doesn't like to help others. Weird. So I definitely won't be skating in the bout on the 22nd, but I'll be the team manager for the TFT's.

Yesterday Mudsock told me that he and Starfish are expecting a baby in January. WOW. Apparently it was a surprise to them, but they're happy about it so it's all good. My first reaction was, Well, they didn't f*** around, did they? but then I realized that actually, they did. Um, wow.

This coming Sunday we're driving down to San Diego to check this out:

We saw the Arizona Renegades skate against the Texas banked track league last year. It was amazing. Easily one of the most talented bunch of skaters out there. My favorite is Mayhemily.

I just got a skateboard deck in the mail. I get to paint it up for an art auction for a skatepark in Montana. Yep, Montana. I bet my art will be HUGE in Montana. Just you wait!

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mudsock said...

I enjoyed catching up with you and catching you up on us. Thanks for the big laugh! and the support? (and your bloggy mention) I'm glad to hear that you both are gainfully, at least for the moment. Isn't that always the way. Employment is sometimes fleeting. I'm trying and hoping for bigger and better. You'll hear about it either way.

I'll try harder to lurk less and comment more.