Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Done

I think I can stop going to any other site, now that someone has posted this link for my entertainment.

Alright, it's not just for my entertainment, but I'm laughing anyway.

Another funny link: pithy boyfriend

After the husband complained that I'm still doing too much derby crap, I decided that I'm going to step back from doing art for the league. A variety of reasoning stands behind this, and so I think that I'd rather be bored than be pissed off all to hell in frustration. Besides, I have toilet seats to paint.

My derby diet won't start too soon though...tonight I have a team dinner. Saturday night the husband and I will drive to Irvine for a bout between the Inland Empire league and one of the Orange County leagues that I can't keep straight. Sunday is practicepracticepractice for the LA vs. TX bout next weekend. Then two weeks after that is the start of our regular season, in which my team is playing. Whoa boy.

Now I just gotta work on getting another job...

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