Sunday, January 14, 2007

Someone Has Some 'Splainin' to do...

See this moron to the left in the photo? If you know him, tell him his days are numbered.

This photo is of him riding on his bicycle on our track.

Thing is, the little peckerhead doesn't have permission to do so. He came in at some "off" time when the Dolls weren't there as if he owned the place and did his thing.

There are now 100 pissed off women who know how to knock people down very efficiently who want to meet this turdburglar.

The mall security and the cops have been informed, btw. Good thing the moron left PHOTOS of his misdeed.

EDIT: I guess this post has been picked up by the search engines, as I'm now getting anonymous comments about it(after alllll these months!), all in support of the douchebag hipster in the photos.

Guess what?

I'm not publishing any of the comments, you wussies. Trespassing isn't cool, being a douchebag with someone else's property isn't cool, and acting as if you're entitled to be a douchebag with that someone else's property(who BUILT that property using their own hands, btw.) just makes you look like the, well, DOUCHEBAG you already are. So please, fuck off and go back to finding that exceptional pair of corduroy pants that goes with your pathetically trendy fixed-gear bike and go get hit by a pissed-off commuter in Silverlake, mkay?

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Riley said...

Ha haaaaah!
You said "turdburglar"!