Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

What a difference a day makes.

I have a bootcamp gig lined up with one of the Sacramento derby leagues.

I have a union job starting the week after the bootcamp.

I'm starting to skate again.

I'm actually enjoying going to the Santa Monica stairs and exercising. I'm only up to five rounds, though. At my peak I could do almost ten. Jeez!

The Get the Fatass Cat Back On His Damn Diabetic Food Project is beginning to progress in a positive direction, too.

Who knew?!

I'm sure something will come along to screw all of this up. Ah, that's just the optimism talking!

Actually, the darkest aspect of my life is the continued lameness of LA City Council and the future of the Derby Dolls. We still don't have a date nailed down for a May bout because we don't know if the city will allow us to have a bout at all. Still.


Here's the Illustrator Monkey as a WIP. Something else needs to be done to his fur, but I don't know what. I like how his hands turned out. I'm still deciding what to do with the background. This "being an artist" thing isn't as easy as I'd hoped.


Starfish said...

No fez for Jacko!

RedDiabla said...

Poor Jocko, the years have not been kind to him.

Becca said...

Great to hear things are looking up! Congrats on the union gig! Anywhere near me? Let's have lunch soon!

RedDiabla said...

Becca: it'll be near you by the end of the month. It rhymes with, "Schmarner Branch".

Miss Mindy said...

Hey! I'd hate to get slapped in the ass by that monkey! - or... hmmm, maybe I'd like it. he he...
Glad to see yer doin' well...
ps. my renegade cat looks like yours... but mines on crack and is super thin.
extre gross note: My x - boyfriend used to have to squeeze hi cat to help it s%*T! yay!

RedDiabla said...

Miss Mindy: a friend of mine is an expert in expressing the anal glands of both cats and dogs. Lucky her!