Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back in the Saddle

This week I went back to work, and got back on the murdersickle.

Thank goodness!

Being a sequence director is a different experience. The board artists I'm working with are more talented than me, which makes me wonder why the hell I'm the director and they're not. Being alone in an office with a computer at my disposal is dangerous. I put on Pandora radio and wonder when they're going to figure out that I shouldn't be there.

At least I can ride the bike to work now. Gawds, I didn't realize how much I missed it until I had to push-start the damn thing on Tuesday morning after it sat around unable to be used for over a month.

Last night was another Drunk Scout adventure. I met up with the husband's work crew at close to 9pm where festivities were already underway and there was an Irish Car Bomb waiting for me. I think I had 2 Car Bombs and 2 Long Island Ice Teas. All I know for sure is that one of the coworkers had 7 Car Bombs on an empty stomach. That got ugly for him sooner than later. Everyone else took turns looking in on him while he curled up in the bathroom until 11pm, when it was decided that they were all going to the beach. The husband and I went home, drunkenly.

Thank goodness!

Today I got a report that one of the beach-goers broke her leg when she tripped over a dog. Wtf?!?! Glad I missed that. Apparently we missed a lot, because today the husband said that no one will talk about what else may or may not have happened. Hmmmmm...

Last weekend was amusing. I set up 4 hours of derby-learning goodness for the Sacramento league to absorb. They didn't get through half of my agenda. So hopefully they'll invite me back up so that I can show them the other crap I had planned. At least they paid me very well for the time and instruction that I gave them. They're going to be bouting against the Western Nationals champions from Seattle next month...oh my! That's gonna be a helluva learning experience!

This weekend I make my announcing debut in Bakersfield. The husband will make his drinking debut, I guess. Bless his heart! I also get to show a team from Tuscon how to skate on the banked track. Yeehaw! Busybusybusy...too busy to post a damn picture.

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