Thursday, May 31, 2007

My parents RAWK.

Today I got off work early. We're moving our offices from close-by Sherman Oaks to out-of-the-way Bore-bank this weekend. To prepare for the move(and, more importantly, keep out of the movers' way), everyone was encouraged to work from home today and tomorrow.


So after gathering my paycheck and packing the rest of my crap up(yeah, two weeks and I've already got crap. Mostly supplies), I went to change the incredibly bald tire on my murdersickle in the OC and then get a much-needed hour-long nap. I love "working from home"!

To celebrate my three-day work week, we went to one of my fave restaurants ever for dinner. My parents gave me a gift certificate for this themepark of meat for my birthday, and so we put it to good use tonight. This place was responsible for turning me into a carnivore when I worked in Texas four years ago. OK, I would've had to have turned away from my semi-vegetarian standards just from being in Texas to begin with, but Fogo de Chao helped the process along at a much more rapid rate. Luckily for me my parents picked up on my raving about it, and have given me gift certificates for the place when they opened up an LA branch a couple of years ago. Sweet, sweet carnivorous bliss! THANKS, Mom and Dad!

Despite the Derby Dolls being on hiatus, we had a special guest trainer come in last night to kick our asses. Her name is EstroJen and she used to skate with us until our league split last year and she went with the flat-trackers. She's an amazing skater and it was fun to have her teach us new stuff, especially strategy-wise.

I've also gotten into a spat with another Derby Doll. It's a situation where pot + kettle=black, but that ain't how she sees it. Pity. It makes me rethink why the hell I keep with the Dolls, as she insinuated that I'm not well-liked within the league. Again, the pot/kettle analogy applies strongly, however. It just makes me frustrated and I wonder why I bother sometimes.

Announcing in Bako last Saturday went well. For the most part. Other than the one wireless microphone shared between two announcers (me and Razorslut) kept cutting out on us. We did well enough to be asked to announce the next game in Fresno in June. Fresno. In June. Hilarity should ensue out of that, I'm sure!

Still slogging away on freelance. Got an extended deadline, so all is good.

I'm going to rub my fat belly for luck. Mmmmmm, meat!

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